Customer Reviews

DataVault Password Manager for Android

"Great App, Great Support. I love this app. I like the fact that I can synchronize the encrypted password/information database across desktop and mobile devices."

"The best APP! If you have several accounts with passwords and other information you must have this application. I use this application for very long time and must every day because I have several email accounts and was impossible to memory every password for every account. I give 10 stars if was possible."

"Excellent app -- been using it for years! I've been using DataVault for years with my Windows PC and Android phone. As I've changed both PC's (with operating system changes) and Android phones, DataVault has been right there following along and working wonderfully. Further, Customer Support has been outstanding, especially for a technology company well after the initial sale. Very functional app and easy to use. I highly recommend DataVault!"

"Excellent app I used Datavault on my Blackberry for last several years. When I moved to Android, checked out few apps to manage the passwords. However after doing a search and installing trial version, I found that this is the best. The best part is the desktop version and the sync using Dropbox. Syncing using Dropbox was a breeze. Great job guys!!"

"What a pleasure not to have to remember This have been such a helpful app. It sync's with my cell phone and my laptop so as to have my data available whenever I need it. There are so many different sites and just as many different passwords that it is impossible to remember them all. This app is a must. User friendly but very through."

"Great app. Keep everything here. Very flexible. Good interface. Probably my most important app."

"Long time user. I've been using DV off and on for more than 3 years. Currently using it on my Galaxy Note 2 and my Windows 8.1 desktop. It does the job well for me. Tech support is responsive usually get an e-mail reply within 24 to 48 hours which always seems to solve my issue (operator issues LOL). Like I said I use the software mostly on my Note 2 but occasionally via my Desktop. Backing up and synching works well. Great app for me."

"Used it for years It was a pain jumping from one password manager to the next. Data vault is a nice basic package that works good enough not to cause you any issues. I can sync it with dropbox and my wife has all the codes she needs if she ever opened it ! Good app worth the money, good support, and quick to answer, which is what you need in this day and age... customer support is the key"

"Most Useful. I've use DataVault for some time and the app is indispensable. The great thing is that you have Windows, Android and Ios and can sync all your devices no matter what platform it is."

"Necessary in today's password driven society. This app is a complete must have. It goes REALLY well with the pc version."

"Great app!!! :-) Intuitive design. Easy to sync. Each update makes the program better & better."

"This have been such a helpful app. It sync's with my cell phone and my laptop so as to have my data available whenever I need it."

"Does what it's supposed to. Never had a problem with it, dropbox sync works well syncing across multiple devices."

"This is a great app for iPhone and Mac. It's stable with 500+ passwords and heavy use... Highly Recommended"

"Very good passwords manager. Good costumer support from the company."

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