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DataVault Password Manager for Mac

Version 7.1.14 (beta)

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  • Improved Safari Extension by eliminating need to login if DataVault desktop is active.
  • Fixed issue causing DataVault to continue running if user closed login window with red exit button.
  • Improved Password Generator to create 64 character passwords.
  • Fixed issue with Maximum Failed Login attempts.
  • Fixed issue causing login window to appear behind other open windows.

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Version 7.0.39

  • Fixed issue with item details panel for users of older versions of macOS.
  • Added Touch ID button to login window.

Version 7.0.37

  • Implemented Safari extension to autofill website logins. To enable, start Safari and select Preferences > Extensions and check off the box next to DataVault. To use, tap on DataVault icon to left of the Safari search bar and select an Item. DataVault will open the website and autofill the username and password with information stored in fields 2 and 3.
  • Implemented Drag & Drop for Item fields. Click on field repeatedly to make selection. Then click, hold and drag field to the desired location.
  • Added support for Touch ID. See Apple instructions to enable fingerprint login on your Mac. Then enable Touch ID in in DataVault Preferences > Security.
  • Corrected tabbing between fields issue on Item edit form.
  • Made numerous improvements to Item details layout.
  • Implemented password generator settings persistency between sessions.
  • Added password generator setting to exclude hard-to-distinguish characters such as lower case "L" and the number "1", or upper-case "O" and zero.
  • Hid "Copy without Spaces" option when field doesn't contain spaces.
  • Add "No Template" to Add Item dialogue and Edit mode.
  • Rendered URLs inactive in edit mode to make them easier to modify.
  • Fixed bug which hid fields when tapping on the Item name in List View.
  • Implemented field animation when you enter master password incorrectly.
  • Reduced minimum window size for small screens in lowest resolution.
  • Added enhancements for users who set Mac > System Preferences > General Appearance to Dark.
  • Improved custom import from 1Password, Keeper, Dashlane and Lastpass.
  • Updated localizations for French and German.
  • Improved context menu options when Control clicking on Categories and Types folders.
  • Fixed bug that hid field contents when masking during Add Item sequence.
  • Improved Delete Item flow to display next Item instead of blank screen.

Version 6.3.8

  • Fixed display issues for Mac OS Mojave users having set Preferences > General > Appearances to Dark.

Version 6.3.7

  • Implemented pop-up to display long field labels when hovering over field.
  • Improvements to Item view mode.
  • Fixed blurred field issue on Mac OS Mojave when when editing Items.
  • Fixed Item name alignment issue in edit mode.
  • Fixed issue disabling Duplicate button when DataVault window resized.

Version 6.2.44

  • Localized to German & French.
  • Fixed issues with Wi-Fi synchronization.
  • Improved in-app help.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 6.2.28

  • Fixed issue causing browser not to open when clicking on link in DataVault.
  • Fixed crash occuring during sync for some users.
  • Updated website addresses for user guide and FAQ.
  • Localized to Russian.

Version 6.2.23

  • Added settings to configure font size and type.
  • Added settings for default template, category and type.
  • Improved usability of Item Details screen. When mouse hovers over clipboard and mask icons, row color changes to blue.
  • Implemented security setting to Lock when screensaver is activated.
  • Implemented security setting to Lock on sleep.
  • Implemented security setting to Lock when fast user switching.
  • Implemented security setting to Lock when a Mac screen locked.
  • Improved tab navigation in Item Details Screen.
  • Added sort settings to DataVault Preferences.
  • Enhanced DataVault Preferences screens with tabs.
  • Improved Dropbox and iCloud synchronization.
  • Implemented setting to Clear Clipboard on Exit.
  • Added Restore from DVX option to restore window.
  • Implemented item printing in alphabetical order.
  • Added support for Dropbox Synchronization API version 2.
  • Fixed issue which caused URLs to be blurry when clicking on them.
  • Fixed issue of displaying multi-line URLs.
  • Improved layout of Item Details Screen.
  • Added Window controls to login screen.
  • Fixed several minor bugs.

Version 6.1.5

  • Fixed issues with icon selector.
  • Improved sync icon animation in menu bar.

Version 6.0.22

  • Increased master password maximum size from 16 to 36 characters.
  • Improved sync algorithm to reduce conflicts between devices.
  • Implemented seemless, automatic sync for iCloud based on CloudKit.
  • Improvements to Dropbox synchronization to automatically poll and update.
  • All features previously included in DataVault Premium IAP are included in the standard version.
  • Fixed bug causing start-up crash on some configurations.
  • Deprecated Webdav sync.

Version 5.3.46

  • Fixed display issues for Mac OS X 10.9 users.
  • Added word wrap back to item note field.
  • Corrected copy icon display issue.

Version 5.3.41

  • Numerous enhancements to the Item details panel including layout, fonts, background color.
  • Field labels truncated instead of wrapped. Expand main window to expand label size.
  • Improved usability of Copy to Clipboard and Mask icons in item details screen.
  • Increased maximum Security Timeout value from 10 to 60 minutes.
  • Fixed issue causing startup hang in some circumstances when user selects iCloud sync.
  • Added Clear Clipboard on Exit option to DataVault Preferences.
  • Implemented persistency for tree view so DataVault remembers position between startups.
  • iCloud sync now syncs field masking information reliably.
  • Selecting iCloud from Synchronization Settings initiates Sync Now to avoid delays.
  • Several improvements and bug fixes to iCloud sync.
  • Clicking on "x" in search field now maintains focus and cursor live for next search string.
  • New templates for standard version including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon & LinkedIn.
  • Over 20 new templates for DataVault Premium including Whatsapp, Evernote, Craig's List.
  • Fixed synchronization settings persistency issue.
  • Fixed issues with conflict resolution settings.
  • Improved Restore from Automatic Backups to display most recent first.
  • Blank Category and Type fields replaced with Unfiled to reduce display errors in tree view.
  • Improved in-app purchase screen layout and purchase flow.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to in-app help.

Version 5.2.39

  • Yosemite enhancements such as translucent panels for tree and list views when DataVault window is active.
  • iCloud synchronization with DataVault for iOS (sold separately) in addition to Dropbox, and Wi-Fi. Please note: Until Apple merges iCloud and iCloud Drive, you must select one or the other on all devices.
  • Improved toolbar icons to match cleaner, flatter look of Mac OS X.
  • Improved mask & copy to clipboard icons.
  • Added Synchronization and Logout buttons to toolbar.
  • Improved layout of Setup Password and Synchronization Settings windows.
  • Added hi-res item icons for retina screens.
  • Moved Add, Edit & Delete buttons to bottom of item details panel.
  • Improved usability of buttons at bottom-right of main window for expanding and collapsing list and folder views.
  • Improved layout of item details panel.
  • Improved synchronization conflict resolution for items with long notes.
  • Enhanced list view with alternating line shading to distinguish rows.
  • Added IP Address to Sync Settings window to verify it is the same on both devices.
  • Fixed issue of adding an item when category & type filters are active. Now displays added item.
  • Fixed Chrome Save Form issue which required restarting DataVault to display newly added item.
  • Fixed vertical scrollbar issue after editing an item.
  • Fixed issue of sync settings persistence.
  • Improved login window.

Version 5.1.18

  • Implemented advanced security API available in OSX version 10.7 or above. Users of OSX 10.6.x or below should see our support page for options.
  • 256-bit AES encryption (Premium) using Password-Based Key Derivation Function (PBKDF) and salting to insure the highest level of security offered by any password manager. See Preferences > Advanced > Encryption Level.
  • Redesigned 200 item icons embracing trend to flatter user interfaces such as iOS7.
  • 90 additional item icons (Premium), bringing total to 200.
  • Dropbox Auto-Sync (Premium) to automatically sync with DataVault for iOS.
  • Improved plugins for Safari, Chrome and Firefox for automatic logins and form saving.
  • Enhanced item detail display to eliminate white space before item notes.
  • Added Delete Item to context menu when Control clicking on an item.
  • Enhanced password generator randomizer.
  • Improved panel screen layout.
  • Improved text menu layout.
  • Fixed display issue after adding item.

Version 4.6

  • Implemented application sandboxing, as required by Apple, to enhance file security. DataVault browser add-ons need to be updated to work with this version, see user guide.
  • Updated Dropbox synchronization protocol. If you synced using Dropbox in previous versions then go to Synchronization Settings, re-link to Dropbox and restart DataVault.
  • Improved Safari, Chrome & Firefox add-ons to autofill web forms, see user guide for instructions.
  • Changed shortcut for adding item to Command-N.
  • Added Command-A shortcut to select all field contents and notes.
  • Added Command-F shortcut to search for item.
  • Added Command-L shortcut to logout.
  • Added Print and Delete to item context menu.
  • Improved application launch icon.
  • Enhanced copy-to-clipboard options.
  • Improved edit item usability.
  • Rendered Mac Dock accessible when logging in to DataVault.
  • Moved conflict resolution options to Synchronization Settings.
  • Added scroll bar to notes field in conflict resolution window.
  • Fixed issues causing form to clear when adding items.
  • Several other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Version 4.5

  • Improved Dropbox Sync with DataVault for handhelds (sold separately).
  • Added shortcuts; Command-E for edit, Command-S for save, Shift-Command-S to synchronize.
  • Added menu options for edit, save and delete item in addition to home screen buttons.
  • Enhanced search settings to include field labels, contents and notes in addition to item name.
  • Improved several item icons.
  • Improved automatic backup for special cases such as user canceling login after timeout.
  • Added Sync Settings button to Sync Windows.
  • Fixed forced quit when data file folder and automatic backup folder changed in Preferences simultaneously.
  • Improved SplashID VID file import.
  • Several improvements to help text.

Version 4.4

  • Implemented fix for Mac OS X Lion in version 4.4.18, see FAQ for more information.
  • Added web form autofill support for Firefox version 5, see FAQ.
  • Created Firefox Add-On (plug-in, extension) to autofill web forms with items stored in DataVault for Mac.
  • Added Save Form feature to DataVault Add-On for Firefox. Fill a form with appropriate values then click on Save Form button before submitting to add item to DataVault.
  • Added Gererate Password button to DataVault Add-On for Firefox.
  • Added skip-ahead searching to Firefox Add-On. Click on Web Form in DataVault bar then type letter to skip to first item in drop-down list beginning with the letter. Continue typing letter to move to next occurences.
  • Implemented automatic backup feature. Creates multiple backups in /users/username/Documents folder when item details are modified.
  • Added Preference setting to change the folder in which automatic backups are stored.
  • When clicking on copy-to-clipboard icon in item form, user is alerted if field contents includes a leading or trailing blank to avoid errors using passwords on internet forms.
  • Added ability to select multiple items by holding down Command key to delete items or move them to another folder.
  • Fixed issue of importing CSV files with Unicode characters such as accented vowels in certain languages.
  • Enhanced cut & paste from item form to work in view mode in addition to edit mode.
  • Clicking on item name or field labels in item view now switches to edit mode.
  • Implemented "Import from 1Password" under File > Import menu in addition to numerous other 3rd party applications.
  • Enhanced notes field editing return to line, copy from view mode.
  • Fixed compatibility issues when exporting and importing DataVault Exchange (*.DVX) files between DataVault for Windows and DataVault for Mac.
  • Cursor now starts in search field on start-up.
  • Other minor enchancements; improved graphics & help text, added confirmation to cancel sync.

Version 4.3

  • Implemented sync via Mobile Me with DataVault for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.
  • Implemented sync via free WebDav servers; Swissdisk.com, Box.net, GMX.net, MyDisk.se, MyDrive.ch
  • Added 2-way synchronization based on application file sharing (OS v3.2 and above). Provides ability to sync using iTunes and data cable.
  • Implemented synchronization using IP address. This allows users to synchronize over fixed line (Ethernet) cable as long as desktop has a fixed IP address.
  • Added communication port number to synchronize settings. This allows user to select a different port in case other applications are using or blocking the default port.
  • Implemented synchronization by email with DataVault for BlackBerry.
  • Implemented Preferences in DataVault menu bar with numerous user defined settings.
  • Added ability to move data file to any folder.
  • Added Time Out duration setting in Preferences. This allows user to set an inactivity delay after which DataVault will require user to login again.
  • Implemented Time Out Action in Preference so user can choose whether to Lock or Exit DataVault when Time Out duration has been exceeded.
  • Added Maximum Login Attempts in Preferences to choose how many times a user can enter the wrong password before erasing data.
  • Added Password Box Style selection to allow user to choose between larger login screen with vault background or smaller, text-only login window.
  • Implemented Synchronization Conflict Resolution options in Preferences. When user has edited the same item on handheld and desktop, user can choose between following options to resolve conflict; Manually, Desktop Wins, Handheld Wins. 
  • Added Confirm Deletions option to synchronization settings. 
  • Added animation and sound effects to user login screen. Animation can be skipped an sound effects can be turned off in Preferences.
  • Implemented Import > CSV (comma separated values) to import user created text file or CSV files exported from Cryptmagic, MiniSafe, SplashID, Turbo Passwords, Password Plus, Palm Secret, KeePass & mSecure by mSeven Software.
  • Added Custom option to Import > CSV menu option to map fields from text file to desired position in DataVault.
  • Implemented Export to CSV.
  • Improved category & type selection issues when adding or editing and item.
  • Improved Add Item feature; defaults to most recent category & type, cursor focus moves to item name field.
  • Fixed issue of strength meter displaying Strong password without entering punctuation mark.
  • Fixed Passwords Mismatch alert.
  • Improved print items feature to include all fields for each items and list items in alphabetical order.
  • Fixed toolbar customization "save on exit" issue.
  • Numerous minor improvements and fixes; improved tree-view open & close folder icons, item highlight bar; escape out of icon matrix, added grayed out "Edit label", "Edit value" markers to empty item form, in-app help text, submit login password with return, fixed Notes field sync issue, added "DataVault" in synchronization service header to facilitate selection from handheld.

Version 4.2

  • Implemented application file sharing for iPads running OS version 3.2 and above. Allows a users to import and export files in DataVault exchange format (DVX) including items, categories & types. Can be used to exchange files with DataVault for Mac or DataVault for Windows desktops.
  • Implemented synchronization wirelessly over Wi-Fi with DataVault for BlackBerry in addition to DataVault for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.
  • Implemented maximum login attempts "auto-destruct" to erase data after user enter wrong password five times.
  • Added Expand/Collapse button below tree view.
  • Implemented full database import & export in XML with category and type for each item.
  • Fixed problem with importing and exporting item notes over 2,000 characters in size.
  • Added Total Entries counter under left hand panel.
  • Changed login screen to default to masked password.
  • Improved item form layout.

Version 4.1

  • Clipboard cleared when quitting DataVault.
  • Added checkbox to mask or unmask password when logging in to DataVault.
  • Added strength meter to password generator. Strength meter displays whether the password selected by the user is strong, good or weak based on industry accepted guidelines for password selection.
  • Add Hint option so user can decide if they want to create a question that will remind user of master password if correctly answered.
  • Improved list view to show several item fields in columns.
  • Implemented Duplicate Item feature to create copy of active item with "Copy" added to item name. Save time when entering new items.
  • Implemented Hide/Show button below item details panel. Hiding item form makes more space available to show items in list view.
  • Fixed synchronization issue generating "Error parsing" warning messages.

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