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Spanish English Dictionary +

for Android Phones and Tablets

Spanish English Dictionary + by Ascendo is the leading reference tool of its kind for Android phones and tablets. It contains a comprehensive dictionary, text-to-speech pronunciation, phrasebook, verb conjugator, full-length text translator and a vocabulary quiz generator.

Spanish English Dictionary + includes unique features such as single index search so you don't have to choose a language to lookup a word. In addition, you can attach notes and images to key words, transforming the dictionary into an engaging travel companion.

The dictionary, phrasebook, verb conjugator and quizzes can be used offline. Only the full-length translator requires an internet connection.

Comprehensive databases and innovative learning tools have made Spanish English Dictionary + the best-selling app for people who want to get the most out of their travels.


Find words quicker than with a paper dictionary.

Improve retention by attaching notes & images to words.

Enhance your learning experience with travel phrases, verb conjugations and vocabulary quizzes.

"This complete version comes with absolutely all the features and the huge database. In the end, it's the perfect app both for those who are travelling to Spain or any Spanish-speaking country and those who are studying Cervantes's noble language." Peter Warrior


  • Comprehensive Spanish English Dictionary with over 263,000 translations and usage examples.
  • Dictionary entries comprised of idiomatic expressions, compound forms, slang, part of speech & gender for Spanish nouns.
  • Fast lookups. Spanish and English words are in a single index so you don't have to switch language directions to lookup a word in the dictionary.
  • Text-to-speech pronunciation of dictionary words, translations, usage examples, phrases and verbs.
  • Notes and images can be added to dictionary entries to increase retention.
  • Reverse Lookup. Tap on any translation or usage example to look it up in the dictionary.
  • Phrasebook including 528 Spanish and English phrases in twenty categories.
  • Multiple-choice quiz tool with scoring to improve vocabulary in Spanish or English.
  • Conjugations for 6,419 Spanish & English verbs in all moods and tenses.
  • Online Translator. Seamless integration with paid translation engines offered as in-app purchase ($0.99 for 10k characters). Free, browser based options available in Settings.
  • History of dictionary lookups with Clear History option.
  • Email dictionary translations to friends and colleagues.

Download Spanish English Dictionary + now on Google Play.

Great features!

"Fab dictionary with many useful features. Developer always working to make it even better. Can't go wrong with this app. I live in Mexico and use it constantly!"

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Special Offers

Teachers, are you interested in a complimentary copy of the paid version? For more information, send a message to info@ascendo-inc.com using an email account provided by an educational institution.

Would you like to try Spanish English Dictionary + before buying it? A free, ad-supported version, containing approximately 1/5th of the entries of the paid version is available on Google Play.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, contact us by email at info@ascendo-inc.com.

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