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French English Dictionary +

for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

French English Dictionary + by Ascendo, is the leading reference tool of its kind for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. It contains a comprehensive dictionary with over 278,000 translations, audio pronunciation (requires internet), travel phrases in eighteen categories, a vocabulary quiz tool and thousands of verbs conjugated in all major tenses.

French English Dictionary + includes several unique features such as the ability to add notes, audio and images to translations. In addition, users can consult a history of word lookups, send translations by email and chose the fonts and colors used to display dictionary entries.

French English Dictionary + is a Universal Application so you can purchase one copy and run it on up to five iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches authorized to an iTunes account.

A comprehensive database and a unique learning tools have made French English Dictionary + the best-selling application for people who want to get the most out of their business or leisure travel.


Find words quicker than fumbling through a paper dictionary.

Improve retention by adding notes, audio & images to translations.

Enhance your learning experience with travel phrases, verb conjugations and a vocabulary quiz tool.

Terrific French English Dictionary
by Whit zend - App Store

"I learned French in college then let it slide. Now my kids are learning French and I am picking it back up to help them and have some fun. This French English dictionary comes with useful phrases, multiple choice quizzes and an excellent verb conjugator. Perfect for students of all ages."


  • Comprehensive French English dictionary with 724,947 entries comprised of idiomatic expressions, compound forms, slang, parts of speech & gender for French nouns.
  • Text-to-speech pronunciation of dictionary words, phrases and conjugation infinitives. This is the only feature to require an internet connection. All dictionary entries, phrases and conjugations are stored on the device and do not require internet.
  • Fast lookups. Single index allows you to enter word in French or English and reduce list to matching entries without switching languages.
  • Reverse lookup of words in translations.
  • Abridged translations displayed in word list. Tap on word for detailed translations.
  • Add notes to translations to capture learning context.
  • Associate images with translations to improve retention.
  • Record audio clips to practice pronunciation.
  • Four hundred French & English phrases in eighteen categories including Conversation, Food & Drink, Making Friends, Useful Expressions, Sightseeing, Shopping, Out on the Town, Flirting, Emergencies, Weather and more.
  • Multiple-choice quiz tool to test your vocabulary in French or English with scoring.
  • Conjugations of 6,438 French & English verbs in all moods (Indicative, Subjunctive & Conditional) and tenses (Present, Past, Future, Perfect, Pluperfect, Future Perfect, Imperfect).
  • Verb tense selector for quick navigation.
  • One tap switching between word translations and verb conjugations.
  • Common verb forms included in dictionary.
  • History of recently looked up dictionary words and verb conjugations.
  • Send dictionary translations to friends and colleagues by email.
  • Customize font types, styles, size and color for elements of dictionary translations.
  • User interface in English or French, based on the default language of the device.
  • Universal Application. Buy one copy and run it on up to five iPhones, iPads or iPad Touches authorized to a single iTunes account.


  • Selected by Apple to appear in "What's Hot" for over 30 countries.
  • A Dictionary and So Much More - The iPhone App Review.
    "If you’re a language student, a traveler, or just someone with a passion for new things, do yourself a favor and add the latest version of French English Dictionary + to your app catalog. You’ll be glad you did."
  • French English Dictionary - Seven Days.
    "For tourists eager to do more than wave their arms around to communicate, Ascendo has developed a definitive app for French-English translation."

Special Offers

Would you like to try French English Dictionary + before buying it? A free, ad-supported version, containing approximately 1/5th of the entries of the paid version is available on iTunes.

Educational institutions are eligible for 50% off. See the Apple Volume Purchase Program for more details.

If you have suggestion for improving our dictionaries, please email info@ascendo-inc.com

Please take a minute to rate our apps on iTunes to help us continue to provide free updates.

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