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Ascendo is a BlackBerry Alliance member which gives us access to direct RIM support and other services.

MobiHand sells Ascendo products through and other leading sites.

Jamba sells Ascendo products in Germany, Holland and Switzerland.
Handango sells Ascendo products through leading operators and handset vendors.

Cellmania sells Ascendo products in the US and Australia through leading mobile operators.    

Orange selected Ascendo Fitness as the Best Consumer Application as part of the Java Challenge.              

Nokia selected LangToLang for it's America's Software market.                  

Motorola selected LangToLang for it's HelloMoto mobile marketplace.           

The International BlackBerry Users Group organizes events for BlackBerry Users.

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Ascendo DataVault  Password Manager for BlackBerry Version 4


Ascendo has just released Version 2 of the best selling application Ascendo Photos for Blackberry.


Ascendo Fitness selected as Best Consumer Application by Orange & Nokia More



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